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Events, Video — July 26, 2013 at 10:36 am

What We Love about Lovemobs


Our officemates Chimp, a Foundation that connects donors to all 85,000 charities across Canada, has been running a series of events called Lovemobs throughout the summer. An idea birthed by their community manager Crystal Henrickson, Lovemobs are a twist on the flashmob concept: surprise a charity by showing them a little love. Here’s Crystal explaining what a Lovemob is in the inaugural video for the series:

Beyond highlighting these fun videos, I want to share what I think are the best aspects of Lovemobs so you can replicate the idea with your own charity. Here are a few things I love about Lovemobs:

1. They’re fun – Simple right? You can never really make an event too fun for people.

2. They’re unexpected – This might be the most important aspect of Lovemobs. They are received so well because they are so unexpected.

3. They’re charitable – Here’s a charity doing a charitable act. Yes, charities do charitable work all the time (by definition) but I don’t often see them going out of their way to give back to other charities (or their own donors).

I think it would be great for charities to steal this concept: surprise your donors with some unexpected love. You can’t over-appreciate your donors. Take a page out of the Chimp book and create your own surprising event.

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