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Social Media — April 1, 2014 at 10:57 am

Everything in its Right Length


What is the most effective length of a tweet? What is the ideal length of a blog post? How short should my Facebook status update be? These may not be questions you’re asking regularly, but in order to be effective in the content rich medium of social networking, it’s important to consider these things.

Luckily, researchers have already done this for us, and thanks to Buffer, we have an easily digestible way of learning the right length of everything:

ideal length copy


And here are a few reasons why:

  • Tweet a 100 characters: this medium length allows others room to retweet and add a comment. Essentially it gives room for your tweet to be shared.
  • 6 words for a headline: according to KISSMetrics, we tend to read the first and last three words of a sentence when we’re skimming. Viola! The six word headline.
  • 7-minute, or 1,600 word blog posts: after 7-minutes, attention begins to drop off. You can be shorter than this, of course, but be very wary of writing anything longer for the web.

For a full breakdown of why these lengths matter, check out Buffer’s post on it. But keep in mind that this is just the start: you can hit the ideal length and still not get any traction if you’re content isn’t interesting or if your title isn’t well crafted. This will just help you hit the sweet spot of grabbing people’s attention.

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