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Resources — July 15, 2014 at 3:14 pm

The Vacation Checklist



Alright, so you’re about to head to the lake, the cabin, the beach, what have you; you’re about to leave the office and you’d like to leave your work behind as well. Here are a few tips to prepare for that vacation so that you don’t have to think about work while you’re gone.

⏩ Turn on Your Vacation Responder – This is an obvious one but it can’t be forgotten. Let people know you’re away and when you’ll be back, and most importantly, who they can reach in your absence. This means asking a coworker to cover for you, at least in part. It also means making sure they know where you’re at with your work and clients.

⏩ Share Your Documents – Think through the documents that will likely need to be accessed while you’re gone (as well as the unlikely ones that would be very important to access if need be). Make sure they’re up on a server, on Drive, or some sort of document sharing platform.

⏩ Line Up Your Projects – The last thing you want to do is leave right when you’re about to finish a project, so make your project deadlines a week before your vacation if you can. This will give you some buffer room so you won’t be stressing on that last day before vacation.

⏩ Train Your Coworkers – If you’ve asked a coworker to cover for you, make sure they’re familiar with the processes you follow, and the software you use to complete your tasks. Bring them up to speed so that your vacation doesn’t cause stress for them.

⏩ Schedule Social Media Posts – If you manage any social media accounts, you can use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts while you’re away so that your account doesn’t go stale.

⏩ Leave Contact Info – Make sure your work knows how to reach you just in case. Leave a phone number of your hotel, your personal email, or some other way of getting in touch in case of a work emergency.

⏩ Don’t Forget Your Donors – Time your communications so that there’s not a dry spell for your donors while you’re away. And also let them know, not just your peers and coworkers, that you’ll be away and when you’ll return.

⏩ Turn Off Your Work Brain – Now that you’ve put everything in place to make sure your absence is crisis free, take a moment to turn off your work brain. Leave it there in the office: you deserve a break.

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