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Resources — January 17, 2014 at 11:47 am

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Student This Summer


studentpostThe government of Canada is once again running it’s Canada Summer Jobs program, where employees can receive grants to hire students. This is a great opportunity for charities– they are often understaffed and don’t have many of the the skill sets they need to run creative campaigns, for example.

Here are five reasons why your charity should take advantage of the Canada Summer Jobs program:

1. It’s free — Beyond filling out an application, there is no cost to you. The grant will cover minimum wage for nonprofits, and you can top that wage up $2-$4/hr if you want to make it a great wage for students.

2. It’s a talent boost — No matter how inexperienced your potential student is, they are going to come with a skill set that is new to you. Most students are going to have a great handle on social media and photography– the mass hobbies of our age– plus they’ll likely have their own specialty that they spend hours every week studying and crafting. They’re in school, after all.

3. It generates creativity — A younger voice is going to be able to offer fresh, creative ideas for your organization. Make sure you give them a chance to offer input and be heard.

4. It offers perspective — If you’re like most charities, your staff and donors are more likely boomers than millennials. Having a millennial in your office will offer perspective on how you can reach the next generation.

5. It’s a free trial — If all goes well, you could be looking to hire this student when they graduate in the next few years. It gives you both a chance to get to know each other. Charities get to see what a new student is capable of, and students get to see how rewarding working for a charity can be.

The deadline is January 31st, so get cracking.