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You know your story. You know the heart of what your charity does. It’s why you’re dedicated to your cause. It’s why you take time to meet your donors for coffee and share that story. But how do you reach every one of your donors in a meaningful way?

Peer Giving gives you the tools you need to tell your story, engage your supporters, and increase your reach in a simple, effective way.

Recent surveys show that donors most want to hear:

  1. what their donation has been used for,
  2. how it has had an impact, and
  3. stories from the people it has benefited.*

Your Peer Giving site provides a convenient, digital platform to showcase the good work your organization does on the ground. And because it’s online and built for easy updates and interaction, the story becomes simpler to manage, can be told much faster, and can reach a world of new potential supporters.

*According to the Cygnus Applied Research Donor Survey for 2013, the top three reasons donors give again are: impact results (79%), explanation of how their donation will be used (67%), and stories from recipients (64%).



  Project Pages

   Replicate that coffee shop experience with easy-to-update storytelling pages.

Project pages allow you to showcase the different activities and causes your organization is involved in, by demonstrating impact and reporting back to your supporters through photos, videos, and rich media editing tools. Supporters can subscribe to each individual page and connect through integrated social media. Each page is equipped with a fundraising goal, target date, and live tally.

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  Fundraising Pages

  Engage more supporters with grassroots fundraising pages. 

Fundraising pages allow your supporters to take their support to the next level and crowdfund in a few simple steps. Each fundraising page has its own blog for photo and video updates. Fundraisers can easily invite friends to donate, share the story, or simply comment and encourage. Or they can create teams with friendly fundraising competitions for your latest event, making fundraising social and fun.

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  Donation Portal

  Automate donations and save time with a built-in donation portal. 

Your built-in donation portal includes automatic tax receipting and thank you emails. It also allows you to segment your fundraising based on different campaigns and projects, and includes donor data collection tools, privacy options, and guest donations. Our member profiles also allow your committed donors to manage their own donations and tax receipts.

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  Content Management

  Manage your charity’s story and data with customizable themes and pages.

Customize your site to fit your brand and strategy with easy page setup and content management. Tell your story with your home page blog and slideshow or custom pages with pre-designed templates, rich media editing, and HTML mode. Content management features allow you to design pages to fit your diverse needs. And integrated social media throughout the site allows your supporters to share your cause.

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