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Peer Giving Ideas is a forum for bright thoughts and real conversations about the web and the world of charity. Led by a team of communication specialists, strategists and experts in the nonprofit field, whose goal is to provide free resources and curated content on best practices and the latest ideas. Have a look around the site to explore successful storytelling, community engagement, social media and fundraising strategies, and – you knew it was coming – make the world a better place.


Peer Giving

Peer Giving gives you the tools you need to tell your story, engage your supporters, and increase your reach in a simple, effective way.

Your Peer Giving site provides a convenient, digital platform to showcase the good work your organization does on the ground. And because it’s online and built for easy updates and interaction, the story becomes simpler to manage, can be told much faster, and can reach a world of new potential supporters.

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Blog Contributors

Joel Bentley is a communications and project manager at Peer Giving. He works directly with clients to provide support, guidance, and product direction. His interests lie in creative writing, film, and the future of philanthropy. Other contributors include Nate Lepp, Brady Josephson, Veronica Collins, and others.

John Bromley, Founder and CEO

Peer Giving was founded by John Bromley to help charities and non-profits live and breathe online the way they live and breathe offline. He is also the founder and CEO of Chimp, which works to make it easier for people and corporations to be charitable; and he provides strategic advice on financing and organizational structure, particularly social entrepreneurship, investment philanthropy and start-up to local, national and international charities and non-profits as the Vice President of Benefic.



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